Extinction Rebellion

June, 2021 London

Photos taken on the first day of  a two-week protest campaign organised by the environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion (XR). 

Freedom for Hong Kong

January 2021, London

Around 1,000 Hong Kong people attend a human chain protest in Kingston in solidarity with journalists and political prisoners. “Hong Kong is not China” was the leading message in a bid to express their solidarity and to draw the UK’s attention to the restrictions affecting freedom of expression, and the ability to protest without fear of arrest in their home country.

England Fans Euphoria

June, 2021 London

Euro 2020 Final. The series was taken before the final game between England and Italy, on Sunday, July 11th. England played their first major final in 55 years and the expectations were set high. 

Over 67,000 people watched the final game at Wembley Stadium. 

Operation Bluestar

June, 2021 London

The series documents the Sikhs March Through London on June 2021 Marking the 37th Anniversary of ‘Operation Blue Star’. The protesters also used the event to protest India’s alleged failure to prevent the killing of thousands of Sikhs in rioting in 1984. 


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