Streets of London

London…a city of extremes. Wealth, poverty, diversity, pace, rush, multiculturalism and more…all meet under one roof.

Here a few from a vast collection of photos taken during my never-ending exploration of this diverse city.

People of London

Why is London a great place for photographers and …people watchers? It is one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the world with a unique mix of people. It is often said that London is like another country due to the number of foreigners living here, people of different races, nationalities and a variety of languages spoken. 

Portraits of Londoners.


You might have noticed I prefer the simplicity of black and white photography. Once you remove colour, you can focus on light, form and emotions.

However, I know lots of people who enjoy seeing the world in colour. For those colour lovers, here a rainbow of vibrant photos.

Freedom of Self-Expression

“If you celebrate your differentness, the world will, too” V.Moran

Cheers to those individuals who are not afraid of standing out from the crowd.

Kids Play

What is amazing about childhood is that anything in it is a wonder. In children’s world everything is new, everything is possible and everyone is a friend…

Playing Chess

Pleasure to visit The Outdoor Over The Board Chess Club. It is open to all community for people to play chess, learn, and socialise. Located outside The National Theatre and open every Sunday form 1 PM. Come around and test your skills.


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